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  • Warranty Terms
Dear Customer ;

Our products are CE certified in accordance with TS EN 771-1 Standards under Structure Materials Regulation 89/106/EEC In addition, our company has;
ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System
ISO 14001-2004 Environmental management System
OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System
SA 8000 Social Awareness System certificates.


* The product you have purchased is a non-outdoor exposure (to be used under plaster) type material.

Outdoor storage period of our bricks (warranty period) is 1 (one) year.

Pressure resistance data, application areas, general and technical specifications for our bricks are provided on the front page.

Our brick dimensions are precise, have smooth setsquares, and conform to standards.

Bricks should be damped 1 day before application in order to clean dusts, to prevent absorption of grout water by dry bricks, and for better grip of the grout.

Plumb line to be used should be even for food results in brick laying applications.

Grout materials (alluvium sand (1mm)-sifted sand (5-6 mm) cement, water and lime) should be mixed in appropriate amounts.

Grout volumes (amounts) should be same.

Complete bricks should be laid, split bricks should be used wherever necessary.

Vertical grouts of 2 layers of brick should never be overlap each other, the second layer bricks should be shifted in quarter or half brick size depending on the wall requirements in order to build connection.

If the wall corner is to be finalized; laying connection shall be provided from the corner, and wall notches should be provided for the additional laying applications.

The base of brick wall should be damped lightly in order for a clean base and concrete cooling.

Ricks should be laid vertically, and grout thickness should be 3 cm.

In order to obtain a robust connection between upper and lower bricks; minimum of 1 cm grout shall fill in brick holes.

Lintels should overlap on minimum 15 cm brick for doors and windows.

Brick laying applications shall not be rushed in order to obtain endurance and to prevent yield, scaffolding top and bottom should be separated, bottom of the scaffolding should be laid on first day, and scaffolding top should be laid following day.

In order to increase grout strength and wall endurance; the wall should be lightly damped for 3 (three) days after the application.

The grout to be used for ARTUĞ INSULATED bricks shall conform with TS 998-2 standards, and laying grout should be 3-4 cm thick.

Coupling agents (tongue and groove joints) should be properly fitted during ARTUĞ INSULATED bricks. No grout should be used for verticals, only horizontals should be grouted.

Vertical holes shall never overlap each other, split ARTUĞ INSULATED bricks should be used as headers.

Loading, transportation and delivery of the bricks you have purchased are handled by our company personnel and vehicles. The deliveries are warranted under above warranty terms. Otherwise, our company shall have no liability.

Warranty is only valid for our factory territories for ex-works sales (loading on customer owned vehicles). Dealer vehicle drivers and handlers shall be hold responsible outside the factory territory. Complaints regarding bricks loaded on such vehicles outside the factory territory shall not be accepted.

Warranty coverage is valid if the receiver of delivery log and delivery complete and full is the ordering party or their representative. Otherwise, any complaints on the matter shall not be accepted by our company, nor will be processed under warranty coverage.